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How We Do It?


We regularly monitor the natural environment through our extensive network of sensors and equipment.


We forecasts to assist decision making, including wind energy production forecasts for onshore and offshore developments.


We provide advice to all infrastructure development, policy implementation and legal development


We look at project evaluation in terms of its impact on the surrounding environment both in time (short term) or long term (cumulative)


Education about sustainability / environmental issues is an important part of our services by creating awareness


Information Management Systems that store data from multiple sources are developed and integrated into the advice platform.

We have efficient model for planning, monitoring and data management.

With 6000+ organisations working in collaboration with us.


Our Responsibility

AEMERA takes complete responsibility for environmental analysis programs: atmospheric analysis; monitoring water resources; land condition analysis; ecological research support; fisheries research support; and, regulatory activities such as environmental impact assessment.

We are responsible for environmental data collection and analysis in accordance with law:

  • Responsibility for implementation of projects funded under the Emissions Reduction Fund and Energy Security Fund.
  • The agency has a range of responsibilities that support decision making across agencies. It also responds to partner agencies’ requests for information on environment issues. We provide advice to assist policy formulation at both Federal and State levels through development of approaches designed
  • Provides detailed information about all environmental monitoring equipment available and provide real time data from sensors located throughout the region such as wind speed/direction, rainfall intensity , temperature etc..

  • Monitoring and forecasting of wind, solar intensity and wave energy.

  • Provides advice to all infrastructure development, policy implementation and legal development regarding environmental risks, impacts on biodiversity conservation, cumulative effects etc..

  • We provide a range of training courses which focus on the latest environmental technology as well as how it can contribute to the sustainable development of regional Australia.

  • We are providers of best practice environmental advice, with key experience in greenhouse gas emissions management plans, landfill monitoring plans etc..

  • We also develops system solutions for water and waste water treatment plants.